I Decided to Join Fasting with the Other Muslims


I have an IMPORTANT announcement!

I decided to join fasting with my household assistant–since she appears to be a Muslim. Even though myself appears to be a Catholic, I really want to experience fasting defer to Islamic. For me, Islam’s fasting seems to be very strict.


Why am I doing this?

  • I really want to experience how does it feel when you’re not eating and drinking in half a day.
  • I really want to try to control my tempers. In Islam, throwing tempers during fasting is illicit–as well as Catholic and other religions obviously.
  • Fasting makes me learn something new and priceless about running my own lives. (am I right?)
  • It is said that fasting can make our body healthier that those who don’t fasting
  • Inspired from an Indonesian Youtuber named Chandra Liow and an advertisement by Google last year (2016)–which was priceless and made me moved to do it in the next year (2017).

Tim2One – ChandraLiow

Google Indonesia



  • I will do the fasting in a full-month–except when I’m on my period obviously.
  • Every day I will wake up at 3 AM and have sahur (eat in early hours before 6 AM) with my household assistant.
  • I will try to avoid things that tempt me while fasting, like tempted after seeing delicious food/drinks, throwing my tempers, fangirling, etc.



Well… I think that’s the plan and I hope that I can make it. Wish me luck, guys! 🙂




Playing in the Rain


Few days ago, it was my first time I (really) got wet in the rain and I was so excited. How? Well, here’s my story…

Back then, I was at the printing shop (near my house) to print postcards for my close friends. Unfortunately, the postcards could be taken in the next day so I only paid and received the receipt. And to be honest, from inside the shop, I already saw that the sky darkened (which means it will rain). But I forced myself to ride back home quickly with my bicycle. In the middle of the road the rain suddenly fell down, and I was still riding my bicycle. Actually, I had been warned by the security officer to stop and take shelter, but I did not do that. How foolish I am.

Everybody have their own limits, like me who could not stand under the rain for a long time. I finally stopped my bicycle and took shelter under the canopy of the conglomerate’s house (yeah… a conglomerate house and luckily, there was no one there but a dangdut song with small sound-_-). While waiting for the rain to stop, I started to fantasize.

When I got lost in the middle of the road with my (imaginary) boyfriend and suddenly the rain fell down, we directly took shelter from it. And while taking shelter, we were telling random stories. Romantic? Hmm.. maybe–idk?

Getting tired of fantasizing, I started to sing a song which the lyric and the tone were originally made by myself. And unfortunately, I had already forgotten–but if I suddenly remember, do not ever wish to ask me recording it because my voice is 100% worse. While singing, I also watched lots of car passing by (wishing there would be someone who stopped the car and helped me to take me home). Sadly, they did not care and I became so sad. This is the reality of today’s people, they only think about money and their own busyness, nor pay attention around them. I regret living with these careless-generations. Do you?

After dried myself out and the rain finally stopped, I continued my way back home quickly with my bicycle (because I was afraid that the rain would fall down again). Arrived at the house, I directly took shower in an hour (as usual… enjoy the warm water after playing in the rain makes me blissful) and drank warm sweet tea after that, which had already made by my maid. What an enjoyment…

From score 0 until 10, how happy were you that time?

Hmm… 10! Because that day, it was my first time I (really) experienced what people call “playing in the rain”. I really love rain and this thing is on my worth-to-try list. If you want to just go ahead, as long as you do not overdo it… Or, you will get sick later, hehe…

Sepenggal Kisah Seorang Pelajar (yang Sering Mengasingkan Diri)


Halo semuanya. Namaku Helena Jeanne d’Arc Shannon Leonette Himawan. Kalian bisa memanggilku Shannon (Shann juga gapapa kok hehe).Tahun ini gue kelas XII IPS. Tahun depan gue udah kuliaahhh… Cepet banget yaa :”v. Gue bersekolah di Santa Ursula BSD, yang katanya disiplin dan tegas banget lho. Tertarik? Daftarkan saja diri kalian. Dijamin kalian betah di sana :).

Apa lagi ya?? Oh, HOBI. Gue paling senang main game/internet (hampir setiap hari) sampai-sampai dimarahi papa mama karena gak belajar terus. Padahal kalau belajar terus juga gak baik lho. Nanti otak kita jadi lelah. Padahal kebanyakan main juga gak bagus lho menurut gue hehe… Selain main, gue juga senang membaca (terutama komik). Gue juga senang nulis kok. Biasanya gue nulisnya cerpen (cerita pendek) gitu−tapi gue gak tahu bagus atau gak ceritanya. Gue juga senang dengerin lagu di handphone/laptop gueーterutama lagu OP/ED anime.

Yes. Gue juga suka anime (tapi gak fanatik banget). Komedi, drama, dan romance adalah genre anime yang paling sering kutonton. Tapi, (maaf saja ya teman-teman) genre romance merupakan genre yang kurang disukai olehku (ini gue jujur). Karena banyak adegan ciumannya dan itu bikin gue baper abisss… Kuatkanlah hambamu ini :”v.

Gue juga suka belajar bahasa Jepang. Alasannya? Yaa.. biar nonton anime gak usah pakai subtitle (sok bisa dahh-_-). Selain itu, gue juga ingin bisa ngomong dengan orang Jepang asli. Jadi pas nanya-nanya, seperti nanya tempat, gak usah pakai bahasa Inggris lagiii…

Ingin banget menjadi jurnalis yang bekerja di salah satu media ternama di Indonesia. Gue ingin menyumbangkan segala yang kupunya untuk media tersebut. Tapi, gue punya kelemahan, yaitu gak berani ngomong di depan kalian semua. Yes. Kalian kalau suruh gue ngomong di depan, gue pasti grogi duluan. Terus ngomongnya jadi gak karuan deh. Kalau lagi sendiri, biasanya aku mulai mikirin yang aneh-aneh, seperti “Kenapa kita gak punya superpower kayak di film-film/kartun-kartun?”

Gue juga dibilang pendiam kok sama teman-temanku. Sendirian memang enak sihh.. Tapi kalau gitu terus juga gak enak. Ingin rusuh gitu bawaannya. Tapi entah kenapa gak berani gitu lho. Jadi gini deh gue. Selalu mengasingkan diri dari keramaian, tapi sendirinya ingin rusuh sama yang lain.

Hanya itu yang bisa kusampaikan pada kalian. Sepenggal kisah seorang pelajar (yang sering mengasingkan diri). ありがとうねえ。Thank you. Terima kasih.

ps.: nantikan post-post menarik berikutnya yaaa 😉

pss.: cover foto yang gue kasih ini berkaitan dengan status gue sekarang, JONES (jomblo ngenes) :v /cr: LINE Webtoon “Ngopi, Yuk!”