As we know, almost people in the world love coffee. How come that coffee has already been meritorious for us when we have to stay awake until 2 A.M. just to complete our school/university tasks, either in person or in group.

Enjoying coffee can be done anywhere and anytime. But if you want to enjoy coffee outside the house with the affordable prices, you can visit this coffee shop which had already opened for five months (to be exact from 25 November 2016). It is called Demeter Coffee & Bar. Located in Ruko Graha Boulevard, Gading Serpong, this coffee shop became the most popular coffee shop among youths in Gading Serpong area since it’s opening.

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From the outside, this coffee shop may small and narrow. But when you get inside, the place is so cozy that guests can enjoy the coffee while finishing the school/university tasks or chatting with your friends. Aside from cozy, the place is also recommended for the instagrammers because there are a lot of instagrammable spot, like ‘The Hanging Rotary Dial’ wall for example.

But from all the interesting spots, I prefer the ‘secret’ place which is located under the stairs. This place can accommodate from six to eight people. There are sofa cushions (pillows and bolsters to be exact). Usually, this place is very popular among university students to complete their tasks or have a meeting.


Demeter Coffee & Bar Menu

In this coffee shop, there are a lot of beverages options from coffee, juice, tea, mocktail, etc.. There are also cakes, snack, and main course too. For the main course themselves are only available at lunch hours. All of them are at their affordable prices which is cheaper than Starbucks–where the coffees are above IDR 40k! #sorryStarbucks

Latte Hot IDR 37k (IDR 5k for additional)

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If you order the hot one, you will get your name written and a latte art drawn on your own latte. Funny, I did not ask the barista to write my own name instead asked him to write someone’s name–which was my favourite 2D character now. For the latte art itself, mine got the bear one (for your information, bear is my most favourite animal) and it was so cute that I did not have the courage to drink it. But in the end I drank it. #LOL

Although the latte was bitter, but it got the right flavour balance between the coffee and the milk. I honestly enjoyed it, especially when you drink it while eating cakes. And by the way, you can choose whether using additional or not for your hot latte. There are three options (hazelnut/vanilla/caramel) and you can choose only one. But unfortunately I did not use the additional since I was broke (as f*ck). 😦

Cheesy Strawberry Cake IDR 38k

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When I visit the coffee shop, ordering a coffee and a cake/pastry is a must for me–and it has already become a habit. What about you, guys? Do you do the same thing as me when visiting the coffee shop? In Demeter Coffee & Bar, I decided to order the cheese and strawberry flavour one.

I liked it when the pie crust is perfectly solid, yet very light so it was easy for me to slice it (with a fork). For the flavour itself was slightly sweet. And like I said before, combine the cake that you already ordered with your hot latte! They got the perfect flavour balance between the sweet one and the bitter one.

Flavoured Latte Red Velvet Ice IDR 35k

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Actually, I did not order those but my friend did. Also, I really hate the cold beverages because they can make my throat sore. The difference from my hot latte is the latte art that the barista made. While mine was the 2D latte art, they who ordered this got a 3D latte art. That time, the barista gave the kittens one and they were so cute that I did not have the courage to wreck them.

Choco Mousse Cake IDR 38k

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Again, I did not order that cake but my friend did. Luckily, I had a chance to taste the cake. Just like the first cake I tasted before, the pie crust is perfectly solid, yet very light so it was easy for me to slice it. For the flavour itself is sweet, but not too sweet as you expected. Once again, combine the cake that you already ordered with your hot latte! They got the perfect flavour balance between the sweet one and the bitter one.

French Fries IDR 25k

People most favourite light bites. The characteristic of the perfect french fries are the aroma (fresh from the deep fryer), crispness, and the saltiness. The one I ordered was slightly crispy, but the seasoning was right from salt, pepper, until the oregano. The portion was also right and enough for two people.

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Mix Platter IDR 55k

A big-scale of light bite that contains french fries, bratwurst (german sausages), chicken sausages, and a sunny side up egg in one plate. The french fries were tasted like before. Then, the sausages were so tender yet juicy so they successfully made our tongue happy. For the sunny side up egg, it was perfectly cooked and very soft when you slice it (with a fork). I really like it when the yolk comes out from the shell like a waterfall. But the egg itself was unsalted–I expected that the egg would be salted–yet tasty.

Overall, I really loved the atmosphere and the coffee here–including the cakes and the light bites. It was a bit disappointing that we did not have a chance to taste the main courses since the chef did not come to the coffee shop, though the lunch hour had been running for two hours long.

Also, it was a pity for me because there was only the barista who ran the coffee shop–I am asking where were the other employees who work in this coffee shop. But fortunately, the barista could run the coffee shop, serve the guests, and grant their wishes by himself. So professional–and I am really proud for him!

Maybe next time I will give him a bigger tip if he is by himself in that coffee shop and keep doing things professionally.

From 1 to 10, I give 8.8 for Demeter Coffee & Bar. Even though the services were still scant, the beverages and the food here really made me pleased. I will definitely go back to this café and taste the others that I have not tried.


Demeter Coffee & Bar

Ruko Graha Boulevard Blok D/21

Jalan Gading Serpong Boulevard

Serpong, Tangerang, 15810

Open Hours: 10 AM-2 AM

Phone: +6281311388080

Instagram: @demetercoffeebar

demeter coffee & bar (review)