I Decided to Join Fasting with the Other Muslims


I have an IMPORTANT announcement!

I decided to join fasting with my household assistant–since she appears to be a Muslim. Even though myself appears to be a Catholic, I really want to experience fasting defer to Islamic. For me, Islam’s fasting seems to be very strict.


Why am I doing this?

  • I really want to experience how does it feel when you’re not eating and drinking in half a day.
  • I really want to try to control my tempers. In Islam, throwing tempers during fasting is illicit–as well as Catholic and other religions obviously.
  • Fasting makes me learn something new and priceless about running my own lives. (am I right?)
  • It is said that fasting can make our body healthier that those who don’t fasting
  • Inspired from an Indonesian Youtuber named Chandra Liow and an advertisement by Google last year (2016)–which was priceless and made me moved to do it in the next year (2017).

Tim2One – ChandraLiow

Google Indonesia



  • I will do the fasting in a full-month–except when I’m on my period obviously.
  • Every day I will wake up at 3 AM and have sahur (eat in early hours before 6 AM) with my household assistant.
  • I will try to avoid things that tempt me while fasting, like tempted after seeing delicious food/drinks, throwing my tempers, fangirling, etc.



Well… I think that’s the plan and I hope that I can make it. Wish me luck, guys! 🙂




Indonesians during Month of Ramadan…



This year, Ramadan will be arrived in a matter of days (on May 26 approximately–which means today). The green attributes are installed in malls, restaurants, etc.. The ta’jil (read ‘takjil’) are made and served. Less work hours. Outdoors become very crowded, so as mosques–unfortunately it only occurred on the first week (for the mosque thing). And more. In this blog, I’m going to tell you unique things in Indonesia during Month of Ramadan.

  1. Sahur–waking people up and eating in early hours


Sahur actually means eat in the early hours (endowed before dawn). This tradition is originally unknown, but it is still maintained until now. Conducted at 2-3 AM, some residents go around their own residence by carrying torches and percussion instruments such as kentungan (made from bamboo or hollow wood), empty gallons, small bedug (drum made from goatskin), etc.. Then they shout, “Sahur… Sahur…” Although it is disturbing for other residents who are still asleep, they do this so that those who running the fast can wake up and have sahur.

Usually, people do sahur in their own house while watching a lot of TV shows that will accompany them. And aside from entertaining, the TV shows can be their inspirations for doing their own activity from morning until evening.


Sahur on the Road

There’s also an activity–which is as same as sahur–called Sahur on the Road (SOTR for short) that had been started since 2009. In this activity, volunteers distribute the food (usually rice box) for those who are less fortunate, and join them eating at the edge of the street. Unfortunately, according to some sources that I read, SOTR is actually not a sharing activity yet an entertainment activity–which can make authorities come and dismiss it.

  1. Ngabuburit–waiting the time for breaking the fast

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In Sundanese, ngabuburit means waiting for dusk. But for Indonesians, ngabuburit means doing activities that we like/love while waiting the time for breaking the fast, such as reading, taking a walk, watching TV shows/movies, etc.. Ngabuburit usually starts from 4 PM until (usually) 6 PM–depending on what time you will break the fast. And for your information, ngabuburit is rarely found in other Muslim countries yet Indonesia.

  1. Distributing ta’jil

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Ta’jil (عجّل) actually means a refreshment for the cancellation of fasting by eating/drinking something. But for Indonesians, ta’jil has a different meaning. Initially, ta’jil could only be found in mosque only. However, some communities, organizations, or institutions started to make ta’jil together and then, distribute them to people whom they meet on streets. Ta’jil in Indonesia can be vary, like spekkoek (a type of Indonesian layer cake; in Bahasa we called lapis legit), gruel (food consisting of some type of cereal–oat, wheat or rye flour, or rice–boiled in water or milk; in Bahasa we called bubur sumsum), ice jelly, kolak (an Indonesian dessert based on palm sugar or coconut sugar, coconut milk, and pandanus leaf), etc.. A shape of harmony and a wonderful sense of togetherness. If only my country always like this every day.

  1. Breaking the fast (together)


After the sound of bedug, time for breaking the fast begins. Usually, they start it with drinking then eating meals that had been served. Also, this activity serves as a place to stay in touch with old friends/relatives/co-workers. However, they must do the Shalat Maghrib (have a west prayer) after breaking the fast. And, for your information, most people do this at outdoors (like malls, restaurants, streets, etc.).

  1. Tarawih (تراويح)



This event is only available in Month of Ramadan and mostly found in Muslim countries–especially Indonesia. You can call it either ‘teraweh’ or ‘taraweh’ because it has the same meaning as ‘tarawih’. In this event, you will be read about 23 raka’āt (ركعات; read: raka’āh) and at the end of tarawih, some children will gather around the priest to ask for his autograph in their Ramadan Agenda.

  1. Shopping

Shopping Illustration

Usually during Month of Ramadan, people’s purchasing power will be increased thanks to the THR (Tunjangan Hari Raya; in English Religious Holiday Allowance) they receive before going back to hometown or taking holidays. And because of this, they will straight buy all things for the preparation for Eid Mubarak.

  1. Mudik–going back to hometown

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Like ngabuburit, mudik is rarely found in other Muslim countries yet Indonesia. Usually, near the end of Month of Ramadan, most Muslim families will start packing and go to their hometown in the next day to reunite and stay in touch with their own families. Usually, they use public or private transport–depending on the situation. But certainly, the roads between provinces will be very jammed compared to the roads in the capital city, Jakarta.


Happy Fasting for my Muslim friends! 🙂

Well, those are the unique things in Indonesia during Month of Ramadan. Hope you guys like it! What are the unique things during Month of Ramadan in your country? Tell me in the Comment Section!


References (in Bahasa):



A (Very) Long Distance Relationship Story | Hoshi no Koe (SPOILER ALERT!!!)


Hoshi no Koe (Bahasa Edition)

Have you ever wandered that someday in the future, some teens will be sent to outer space for investigating creatures–other than humans? If you have, have you ever wandered too that you become one of them? What will you react? If things are going like this, then you have to say goodbyes to your family and friends, and go into outer space to carry out in this mission–which will probably make you die in vain there. Or, you’re like Mikako Nagamine who always carries her own old cell phone (which can only send/receive messages) into outer space just to give words for her one and only close friend (since junior high period), Noboru Terao.

Their ages are the same, so their junior high school. They first met at the kendo club in school (on their first year) and in Noboru’s eyes, Mikako appearance is not as pretty as the other girl students. However, what intrigued him is her burning spirits during kendo practice–and makes her kendo skill thriving. From that time, they began their relationship.

Actually, they have already made a deal to go to Jouhoku High School, a favourite high school in their area. But, fate says otherwise. She has been selected as a recruitment member of the UN Forces and already left Earth on the day before her graduation ceremony starts. And because of that, she cannot properly say goodbye to Noboru.

Although they’re separated between space time, they still communicate each other with their own old cell phone that can only send/receive messages. But, for how long the message will be received by either Mikako/Noboru is up to how far the distance between Earth and somewhere in outer space. The farther the distance, the longer the message will be received.

Written beautifully by Makoto Shinkai–who also creates Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5 Centimeters per Second), Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Children who Chase Lost Voices), Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words), Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.), etc.–Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a Distant Star) tells about Mikako and Noboru who run their (Very) Long Distance Relationship–or (V)LDR for short–for years. Setting in year 2046-2056, Makoto wants to show the readers that the presence of an alien group (called Tarsian) had made humans’ life agitated. Because of this, Earth sends some people (mostly women) into outer space to investigate the existence of them. And because of this too, Mikako and Noboru have to start their (V)LDR–between Earth and somewhere in outer space.

Mikako who cannot let go her times in junior high chooses to battle in outer space with her junior high uniform and because of that, her friend–who appears to be two years older than her–Satomi questioned her. She thinks that Mikako has a special person (in Earth) in her heart, but she keeps hiding it becuase she’s a shy person. On the other side, Mikako has her ‘hero’ side. She’s the first time who sees a Tarsian group and called all units of Lysithea (her mother spacecraft) to have a battle with them. On the second time meeting with Tarsian in a planet called Agartha, she drives away the gigantic one and saves a few Lysithea member’s lives.

And, Noboru who patiently waits for Mikako’s messages while running on his boring activities since high school period started. He joins the kendo club again, where the girls are the majority members. And in this club, he’s suddenly being loved by a his junior–who is prettier than Mikako–and they start dating. But, as Noboru has his date, his thoughts about Mikako grows stronger. “What is she doing now? Is she still alive?” he thinks. Therefore, Noboru decides to stop his date with his junior.

Nine years later, he starts his mission as a communication operator–which appears to be a part of UN Forces. Thanks to his choice while he was in second year high school, he finally has a chance to meet Mikako again for the last time. But that means, Mikako won’t be the same age as him–she is five years younger than him now.


Hoshi no Koe (Short Anime Film Edition)

For the story itself has two POVs (Point of Views), Mikako’s POV and Noboru’s POV, so readers must be able to adjust whose POV is this. Even though the ending itself can be guessed by readers, still Makoto (evilly) didn’t reveal the continuation of their relationship–which makes readers upset and questioned about it. And unfortunately, some of the languages he used are SF (science fiction). There are some terms and sentences that we can’t understand (since Makoto loves SF so much).

Overall, the story is very good. Not only containing SF content, but also containing romance content that will make readers (including me) touched. Highly recommended for teenagers, especially those who love this light romance genre so much. Before the novel was wrote, the short anime film adaption had already been released in 2002 with 25-minute duration only.

Book Title: Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a Distant Star) | Genre: Sci-Fi, Space, Drama, Romance, Mecha | Author: Makoto Shinkai (original creator), Waku Ōba | Illustration: Miho Takeoka | Publisher: Media Factory, Kadokawa Corporation | ISBN: 978-602-8750-90-5 | Date Publish: July 25 2002 | Rating: 9/10



Another Train of Feels | 聲の形 (2016) (SPOILER ALERT!!!)


Directed by Naoko Yamada and based on the manga with the same title by Yoshitoki Ooima, the movie focuses about a relationship of a normal boy–who is already a jerk from the first place–and a deaf girl–who is already a shy from the first place. And my question is, “How?”

It all starts back when a normal boy named Shouya Ishida (Miyu Irino; Mayu Matsuoka as the kid version of Shouya) was a sixth grade student. Once, he had a lot of friends–he even formed a gang consisted three members (including him). His friends always joined him jumping into the water from the bridge, playing video games at Shouya’s house, and more. His life was so perfect, until his class was unexpectedly visited by a new student named Shouko Nishimiya (Saori Hayami). She is deaf as you can see, but you can communicate with her by using her own communication book. Simple! Shouko writes what she asks and you just tell her about it. In the end, she will write ‘Thank you!’ This made her classmates wasn’t hesitant to be friend with her, until one day when her class was having a practice for the choir competition. She sang badly that her classmates and the choir teacher shocked. Because of that, her class lost the competition! From this incident, her classmates started to bully her slowly.

From all of them, Shouya was the most severe. Shouko’s communication book was threw away to the pond, she was watered by the water from the hose, she was deliberately made stumble, and more. And the most brutal action that Shouya had ever done is he damaged and threw away her eight hearing aids–until her ears was bleeding. Thanks to his doing, her life became more miserable–so as her mother and her little sister, Yuzuru Nishimiya (Aoi Yuuki). And thanks to his doing too, he must paid back for ‘the tail’. Shouya’s mom had to close her bank account just to pay compensation for Shouko’s eight hearing aids (fyi, a pair of hearing aids can cost around US$ 1000 to more than US$ 4000). Moreover, Shouya had to lose all of his friends and got bullied in the same way as Shouko. While growing up, he felt that he must paid all the compensation which was already paid by his mom, so he sold everything and started part-time jobs.

High school period starts and he’s still being alone in school. He becomes an anti-socialist, every person’s faces in his school are covered with a big ‘X’ symbol–except his family. But, after his meeting with Shouko again, Shouya sets out on a path of redemption by trying to befriend again with Shouko. Moreover, he also starts his very-first relationship (in high school) with a fat-ugly student–who appears to be his classmate–named Tomohiro Nagatsuka (Kenshou Ono) after saving him from a student’s threat by lending him his own bicycle.

In the end, Shouya helps Shouko by losing all of her shyness and calling some of their sixth grade classmates, Miyoko Sahara (Yui Ishikawa), Miki Kawai (Megumi Han), Satoshi Mashiba (Toshiyuki Toyonaga), and Naoko Ueno (Yuuki Kaneko). Not only that, he finally learns something about the true meaning of friendship–which is more beautiful than being alone forever.

Although the movie is slightly different from the manga–a part where Shouya and his new friends are making movie for the bunkasai (cultural festival–usually holds in schools/universities) movie competition and I believe there’s more that I can’t say here–I must say the movie is really good that the story itself successfully makes me cry a lot. Shouya who has repented after the sixth grade incident and tried to be a better person for everyone sake. Shouko who always struggles to run her life fully and befriend with someone though she has a deficiency.

For me, starting a relationship with others may be easy, may be hard–depending on how aboveboard I have to bring myself as a good person and be generous to them. And one moral message that I got from Shouya, “Not every person in the world have negative thoughts about you, if you never try to do something that will make them happy for you.”

Movie Title: 聲の形 (read: Koe no Katachi; A Silent Voice) | Genre: Drama, School, Shounen | Running Time: 2 hours 10 minutes | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | Director: Naoko Yamada | Adaption: Manga (Yoshitoki Ooima) | Music: Kensuke Ushio | Character Design: Futoshi Nishiya | Production Company: Shochiku, Pony Canyon, Kodansha, ABC Animation, Quaras, Kyoto Animation | Release Date: September 17 2016 (Japan), February-June 2017 (Worldwide) | Rating: PG-13 (13 years old or older) | Score: 9.3/10


Sh*tty Camera App


Well… I think it’s really really outdated.

I just tried this new camera app, FaceApp, after the inspiration from my Instagram Discovery. Some edited faces of my favourite characters (like Haikyuu!! and Yuri on Ice!!!) sure made me LOL. Since that, I installed the app and tried myself to look like them (which was really failed LOL).

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Simple! You just take your selfie and edit it in just less than five seconds (depending on your internet connection obviously). There are nine filters that you can try for your selfie. Original, Smile (consists two different types), Spark, Old, Young, Female (consists two different types), and Man. For Female and Male filters, you need to switch to Collage Mode otherwise you can’t try.

And… here are the results!! By the way, this is the first time my face is being exposed on my own blog LOL.

Original Filter


Smile 1 Filter


Smile 2 Filter


Spark Filter (for me this filter is actually a geisha make-up filter LOL)


Old Filter


Young Filter

Slightly different, right? And if you hate selfie, you can use other’s face for editing (like your friend or your favourite character).

You can either save your edited selfies or share them to your friends and laugh together. So, are you guys interested? Share your experiences using FaceApp too in the Comment Section below! Thank you!! 🙂




RIP Justice! (est. May 9 2017)


I feel like I must post this on my blog…

Two days ago, Indonesia–especially Jakarta citizens–were made shocked by a verdict that DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (nicknamed Ahok) was sentenced behind the bars for two years long after being found guilty of blasphemy incident at Kepulauan Seribu, North Jakarta. This verdict is exactly heavier than a result from the public prosecutors where Ahok was arrested for a year with two years probation (read more). On the other side, a leader of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI for short) Habib Rizieq (ever heard of him?), who always makes controversies among Indonesia citizens especially the minorities, does not sentenced in a jail for two years like Ahok–he does not even on trials at all.


What a shame! Religion has become a major weapon in determining people’s fate and that religion is the majority one in Indonesia, Islam–which is the extremist and racist one. I wonder what is on their head? When it is the minorities turn to be humiliated, they angry but they do not exaggerated. But when it is their turn to be humiliated, they straightly exaggerated–and held a big demonstration on a street. I mean… can you guys help the minorities finding their sins? If you can, please tell us–honestly!

And this is your reply? Hullo…

Also, you guys are so ethnocentric, are not you? How can Indonesia develop into a country that people desire if you guys are intended to Islamize Indonesia? Does Indonesia only belongs to you? Please… open your eyes!! There are minorities here and they still love living in Indonesia.
Many foreign medias (like CNN) had been preaching this incident since yesterday. Other than that, foreign citizens who have already lived in Indonesia for years also had expressed their disappointment on their social media. If this continue, then Indonesia will be tarnished in the internationals’ eyes–it may be even discussed in the United Nations (well… it already discussed). Moreover, as an Indonesia citizen, I swear that I will change my citizenship just because I can not stand of their kid-like behaviour.

Now, what we only can do is waiting for the final decision from the government. Will they save Ahok and reestablish justices? And if they do not grant the wish, then… Indonesia is doomed. Ethnocentrism wins the game, people! This lovable country finally turns into ‘dust’ due to the injustices.

What will you tell for our children and grandchildren in the future?

If you guys–especially Indonesia’s students who enters the Faculty of Law–want reestablish justices, one-sentence message from me.

Bring back justice, resist them, renew their minds, for a better Indonesia!

That is all from me and forgive me for my bad writing (because I am the weakest at politics and laws). #iambeinghonest







credits: pictures mostly from line statuses and news mostly in Bahasa